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Terpeuta Gestalt Anja  Michaela Dein Degree in Business Administration FH / Tourism, Germany Specialties: Rhetoric, Motivation and Business Strategies Psycologist , Col. B- 02327 Specialized in Clinical Psychology Certified: General Health Psycologist Gestalt Therapist Member of AETG  / www.aetg.es Trained at Gestalt Institute  Barcelona Master in Strategic Short-term Counseling (TBE) Girogio Nardone. Centro de Terapia Estratégica, Arezzo (CTS) http://www.centroditerapiastrategica.org “The  body dialogue”. Gestalt Therapeutic Bodywork and Psycosomatics Dra Adriana Schnake, Chiloe, Chile http://www.anchimalen.cl Training in body movement in free dance, DMC By Graciela Vella, http://danzacuerpo.com since 2007 Grof Transpersonal Training Holotropic Breathwork www.holotripic.com / www.holotropica.org Educated in Program SAT, Claudio Naranjo www.fundacionclaudionaranjo.com Contact: anja your [at] animate.com.es Tel 629 66 02 62