Psychotherapy, Gestalt and  EMDR Traumatherapy at Mallorca

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We are a Center for Psychotherapy, Gestalt Therapy and EMDR Traumatherapy at Mallorca. For 10 years we do work in Clinical Psychology and help you to find solutions to difficult personal matters. Our ongoing training guarantees you the use of updated psychological techniques and a personalized and effective treatments. We are connected in an interdisciplinary network of professionals in psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, and nutrition. Our treatments focus on achieving a mental – emotional balance, taking into account corporal and psychosomatic aspects. Find out about our intensive treatments for your stay on the island.


Here you can find information about our treatments and what techniques and psychological approaches we use.

We work in different modalities such as individual therapy, couples therapy, counseling, Skype sessions and intensive treatments. We lead special company trainings and seminars. At our Center you find a regular program of theme workshops. We work with teenagers and adults. We specialize in topics of clinical psychology and personal development. Welcome to Anímate Psychology!


Gestalt is current Psychotherapy centered in the present.


EMDR is an effective treatment to overcome traumatic and shock experiences.

MBSR - Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness applied in clinical setting and for well-being in life.

TCI Integrative Body Work

Integrative Body Therapy is a psychological therapy taking especially into account the body symptomatology…

Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork is a technique of transpersonal psychology developed by Stanislav Grof.

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